Laisvydė Šalčiūtė


These photographs are a self-reflexive interpretation of the “conception of a Lithuanian family”. The family is the symbol of absolute values, a myth, an ideal in the Lithuanian press and in official discourse in general. Since such a “traditional” family is culturally constructed and bound up with a certain cultural context, what was interesting in creating this work was the following:
1.What creative and constructed contribution is brought by each from the individuals that have decided to create this family;
2.How a family sometimes becomes a place, where there is a tug of war for gender power for a heterosexual male and woman, who are looking for their identity in the normal forms of the family.
3. How the non-normative world view of one person influences that of another;
4. How the growing variety of types of families and the images of postmodern family life influences the traditional homogenous Lithuanian family.