Laisvydė Šalčiūtė


Women wear red shoes for special occasions. They symbolise a special mood, a playful mood. They are worn often when a woman feels like playing a bit with her surroundings. Red shoes are a sign that the person wearing them wants to be noticed, leave a certain impression, footprint, and provoke her surroundings.

The style of this painting alludes to the art of graffiti. I find graffiti interesting because it is “illegal” art, often anonymous, as of it is someone’s anonymous declarations, letters, proclamations, which are often created secretly, in the night, or on the walls of buildings. They contain a very lively element of playfulness and improvisation.

Thus in this painting, I am also declaring my view towards art, art history, the relationship between the sexes, and my surroundings which are all around me almost as if I am using the traditions of street art as a basis.